Jeff High switching to fall delivery for 2021 yearbook

It’s one of the most common questions I get as a yearbook advisor: when will I get my yearbook?

For many years, the Jeff High Topic has been a “spring delivery” book — meaning the staff completed the book in March so it could be printed and delivered before the end of the school year.

The other option is a “fall delivery” book — meaning the staff completes the book immediately after graduation and it is delivered at the beginning of the next school year.

Since I took over as advisor in 2018, I’ve struggled with the pros and cons of each option. With a spring delivery book, we have the excitement of “tying a bow” on the school year as it is ending. However, our spring sports teams get the short shrift on coverage and the book is missing important end-of-year events like prom and graduation. With a fall delivery book, distribution is more drawn-out and difficult. However, a fall delivery book offers a more complete view of the school year — which is, at its core, the purpose of the yearbook. Covering spring events is even more important this year, since we expect that we’ll start to emerge from the pandemic over the next four months and — perhaps — have a more “normal” end-of-year experience for the class of 2021.

For me, the decision ultimately came down to one thing: what’s best for the yearbook staff? Meeting a March deadline is incredibly stressful for the staff. They’re already under enough stress as high school students living through a pandemic.

So, after consultation with our yearbook vendor, Jostens, as well as Principal Pam Hall and other school leaders, I have decided to try out fall delivery this year. We will wrap up the 2021 yearbook the week after graduation and distribute the books after we return to school. We’ll also have several opportunities for seniors to pick up their final Jeff High yearbook. We’ll still have a signing party; it will just look a bit different and take place in the fall. After trying it out, we’ll decide whether to stick with fall delivery for 2022.

If you have ordered a 2021 yearbook and no longer want it due to the later distribution date, just email me at and I’ll issue a refund promptly.

Thank you, Jeff High students and parents, faculty and staff, and Topic advertisers for your flexibility and support during this challenging year.

-Paige Moore, Yearbook Advisor

PS: Due to printing delays during the pandemic, the 2020 book was finished in March but we didn’t receive it until July. We still have about 20 books that were never picked up. If you haven’t received your book yet, just contact me at and I’ll get it to you ASAP.

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